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Lupe Fiasco says that all it takes, is an Apology- for bygones to be Bygones, with Kid Cudi

Recording artist, Kid Cudi, (real name, Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi) seems to have been making the news, lately; due to several, grape-vine generating clashes, and in this case, it’s because, evidently, he and rapper, Lupe Fiasco are beefing.


Lupe Fiasco, (whose real name is Wasalu Muhammed Jaco) was quoted, by XXL, as calling Kid Cudi a “disrespectful clown,” while also insisting that Kid Cudi was, “afraid of him”. Additionally, XXL reported that, even though they have been beefing since 2014, Lupe Fiasco is willing to “end the beef,” “if Kid Cudi ever apologizes”. kid-cudi

Written by: Melissa Carruthers Wilson

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