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Lyrica Anderson Preggers, The Big Question, is it Safaree’s ?

So tea has been going around that Lyrica is pregnant and everyone wants to know if Safaree’s the daddy ? Teairra Marie confirms Lyrica’s pregnancy but confirms it’s A-1….

According to Pop Glitz:

During an Instagram Live session next to Lyrica and former castmember Zell Swag, the cat came out of the bag while Lyrica was dancing and Zell yelled at Lyrica, “No Cardi B pregnant twerks.” By the time Lyrica realized what happened she shouted, “I ain’t pregnant! Shut the f**k up.” later on in another clip, Teairra Mari clarified her statement saying “Lyrica’s baby daddy is her f*****g husband… What are you talking about?” Well b*tch it should be. She’s married. But that statement was addressing a fan that said it might be Safaree.

Night Out !! 💋

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