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Lyrica Talks Having 7 Hour Long Convulsions After The Birth of Her Son!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Lyrica Anderson talks the affects she had after giving birth to her and A1 son Ocean Zion Bentley.

According to MadamNoire:

From her hospital bed, she told TMZ that she went through quite the health scare, shaking and itching all over, alarming the staff and her husband.

Lyrica said she was stressed out before having Ocean due to the whole did-she-or-didn’t-she-cheat-with-Safaree-and-whose-baby-is-it story line she was part of on LHHH, and was concerned that (and the drama-filled reunion) would impact her delivery experience.

“First of all, it was a tough pregnancy. Not the symptoms, well the symptoms a little bit, but it was just a lot of emotional things going on and I just kept worrying that I didn’t want to have like an accidental early birth or go into labor from stress or anything like that,” she said. “So, praise God, I made it with my full term. And then, I thought I was in the clear.”

But what happened next was something she couldn’t have imagined.

“Once we had the baby I was like, ‘Oh my God, we did it!’ Everything was ok. And then after the birth is when it got a little traumatic,” she said. “I ran a super high fever out of nowhere. I started going into some sort of convulsions. I couldn’t stop shaking for a good seven hours straight. Just shaking, shaking, shaking with a fever, and then I couldn’t stop itching. They had to literally bring toothbrushes in my room to let me scratch my skin so that I wouldn’t pierce my skin. And it was the scariest thing because I’m shaking and itching. I literally thought I was dying. Like, honestly I was so scared. Why am I shaking so much?”

Thankfully though, those caring for Lyrica took her symptoms seriously and helped her find relief both physically and emotionally.

“They said that they’ve seen bad reactions but that was like one of the worst that they’ve seen, so they were definitely concerned,” she said. “They were constantly checking my vitals to make sure that my heart — ’cause I got really bad chest pains. I was like, I want to make sure I’m not having a heart attack. They were constantly checking my heart, constantly checking my blood, my temperature and everything. They’ve had me on very close watch. They’ve done, actually, a really good job, so I’m happy about that. I’m still really weak when I stand up. I have the most energy when I’m sitting…It’s when I get up and walk around that I’m real weak and faint-ish. They said it’s going to get better with time.”

The good news is, Lyrica ended up being just fine, and she recently left the hospital all smiles and in good spirits.

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