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Mahershala Ali makes history at the Oscars Ceremony

During the 2017 Oscar Ceremony, Mahershala Ali made history! He received an Oscar award for his amazing performance in a film entitled, Moonlight. Michael Shannon, Dev Patel, Jeff Bridges and Lucas Hedges also were nominated along with Mahershala Ali, however, Ali took home the Award. Ali’s role in the film was extremely fascinating and everyone could see that! Furthermore, his emotional speech touched many hearts as he praised his wife and announced the birth of their 4-day year old daughter! Towards the end of his speech, he also thanks all of his teachers and professors that aided him in his success. Ali gracefully and humbly accepted his award along with making history as the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar (Academy Award) for best supporting actor!

Here’s a snippet of his performance, however, I HIGHLY encourage everyone to check this movie out!!!

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