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MAJOR KEY ALERT: DJ Khaled Announces New Book ‘The Keys’

DJ Khaled has landed a major book deal and the snapchat boss has announced that he will be dropping his first book, The Keys.

Khaled revealed the cover art today, which features a luxuriously-groomed lion with a giant golden key in his mouth and roses below him.

“Finally, the book They don’t want you to read is here,” Barnes & Noble writes in the book’s description. “The Keys will reveal DJ Khaled’s philosophy for success, featuring stories from his own life as he breaks down all of the major keys.”

According to B&N, one of those keys is “to weather the storm.” Why? “It’s gonna rain some days,” writes Khaled. “That’s how it is.”

The Keys is slated to arrive Nov. 22 via Crown Publishing Group.

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