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Man Comes Forward About Cardi B Allegedly Scamming Him!

#SurvivingCardiB is live and well, click here if you missed that. Now a man is coming forward alleging that Cardi B scammed him out of $500 while in college and has since been trying to pay blogs keep quiet.

In 2016 the guy in the video was a student at Full Sail University. He wanted to hire Cardi B to promote his single so he went to KSR’s webpage sent them an email and someone from the label told him it would be $500. So he admittedly wired money into a bank account he thought was Cardi B’s and didn’t secure any type of contract or anything in writing agreeing to this deal he just made with Mr. Anonymous behind an email.
Peep his video below:

If Cardi would just learn how to mute herself sometimes this wouldn’t even be a thing right now.

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