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Man Urinates in Woman Face, While She Slept on NYC Subway!

This is why when I go home to visit, I don’t do the subways.. I have no interest, because people do not know how to act.

From NBC New York:

A 26-year-old woman had her eyes closed and was listening to music on headphones as her Manhattan-bound J train pulled out of the 75th Street–Elderts Lane station, when a man approaches her shortly before 2 a.m. Thursday, police said.

She felt something wet on her face, and when she opened her eyes the man was peeing on her, according to police. After peeing on her, he fled the train at the next stop, Cypress Hills station in Brooklyn.

The woman walked to an NYPD transit police station, where she reported the incident. Police said an investigation is ongoing and that the man is still on the loose.

Sleeping with headphones @ 2am? Sis… I’m not blaming you but I would neva!

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