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Margot Robbie Ate A Whole Cake Before THAT Scene In Suicide Squad

So you know that one scene in the Suicide Squad trailer where Harley Quinn is putting on her costume and the entire world just kind of stops and stares before she goes “…what?” That scene?

Well Margot Robbie just told Jimmy Kimmel last night that the scene was filmed on her birthday and she ate a whole cake before they shot it. Yeah, I know, I’m feeling self conscious too. It’s one of those super unfair things in life, I guess.

Anyways, Robbie’s birthday is apparently this weekend so Kimmel asked about some of the actress’s past celebrations. Apparently, for her twenty-fourth birthday two years ago, Robbie was on set for the actual day of her birthday, but that weekend she had a twenty-four hour twenty fourth birthday! How crazy is that?

Apparently, Robbie had been planning the party since she was sixteen as she had heard of another person having a 24-hour-24th and she thought it was genius. The group had multiple “costume changes” and an overall blast.

Last year, though, for Robbie’s twenty-fifth birthday, she was on set. The film had given her a gigantic birthday but poor Margot was supposed to be taking her shirt off for the film later that day so she tried to wait before she ate the cake.

Then, production kept pushing back the scene further and further until it was 6 pm and she was basically convinced they weren’t going be filming that scene for the day. So, Robbie felt it was safe to eat the cake. And so she did. She ate the hell out of that cake. And then they called her out to perform the scene.

Yeah…I don’t see any cake. I think she’s fine. Like #SupahFine. Totally Joker approved.

Anyways, what do you guys think of Robbie’s fantabulous birthdays? Are you totally planning (or wishing you had planned) a 24 hour 24th? Because I’m already setting mine up in my head! It’s gonna be as awesome as Robbie’s acting.

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