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Mary J. Blige Joins The Cast of How to Get Away With Murder

See what happens when you let go of a no good man, opportunities start to happen, that’s what! Mary J. Blige has officially joined the cast of #HTGAWM and details of her role are under wraps, but she is expected to play a major role alongside Viola Davis…

Showrunner Peter Nowalk had this to say about the forthcoming season:

What I feel strongly about the show is that we don’t have to follow a formula. We can always mix it up. We had just a few less cases of the weeks this year just because we had so much to accomplish with revealing what happened to Annalise’s baby and her connection to Rose. I feel like the show works best when we’re balanced and you don’t really know what coming, but to me, there’s no rules.

HTGWM returns September, 22nd…

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