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Master P’s Children Writes Open Letter To Judge Asking to Reduce Child Support Payments

Master P’s kids wrote an open letter to the judge asking if they will be lenient and lower his child support payments… Percy’s three minor kids who stay with him full time because of their mother’s drug addiction they penned an emotional letter to the judge asking that his child support payments be reduced because of him allegedly not having any real money.

According BAW:

The kids — Hercy, Mercy and Itali — all wrote letters, submitted to the court, testifying their better off living with their dad.

17-year-old Itali wrote: “Although I love being with my mom I was unable to keep my grades up. Unfortunately, my mom was dealing with addiction issues that affected my older sister, who hasn’t even had the opportunity to graduate high school” … even though she’s 19.

According to, Percy claims he’s not pulling in as much as he used to —his income is allegedly $2,441 per month — and he only has $432 in the bank.

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