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Meek Mill Tells Nicki to Get Out of Her Feelings, Shade or Nah ?


Well it seems like things maybe a little shaky between Onika and Meek Milly, they were sending subliminal’s  via Instagram the other day… Of course when Nicki reposted a quote from Basketball Wives star Draya…. I knew something was up, but just wasn’t up on it….

According to RWS:

It all started when Nicki re-posted a quote from Basketball Wives star Draya Michele about trying to love a damaged person within hours of Meek’s engagement denials going viral.



That’s when Meek told “somebody” to get out they feelings and quit worrying about their image.



I knew he was going to be a problem when ish went south… It’s only going to get good from here… Because Meek gives no damns’ about anyone’s feelings…

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