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Mel B Sued By Former Nanny For Defamation of Character

Mel B’s former nanny is filing a lawsuit against her, claiming that she told lies about her in the divorce from husband Stephen Belefonte… Click here if you missed that…

The lawsuit centers on declarations Mel B filed in which she claims Belafonte and Lorraine Gilles told her they had an affair and that Lorraine was pregnant with his child.

Mel B also claimed Gilles had an abortion.
Mel B goes on to accuse Gilles and Belafonte of pilfering money from her.

In another declaration, Mel B claims Lorraine has control over her sex tapes and might disseminate them.

Gilles feel that the court will see that all her evidence will show that she is lying and in California a family law when someone makes a claim against 3rd parties who are not involved in the litigation they have the right to sue…. Well Gilles is the third party…. So….

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