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Meryl Streep Has An Interesting Idea For Who Should Play Her In A Biopic

During a press junket with The Huffington Post to promote her new film Florence Foster Jenkins, Meryl Streep was asked who should play her in a movie, Meryl Streep had the simplest answer ever: “Amy Schumer, of course.”

The Academy Award winning actress, known best for every movie she’s ever done because she’s just that amazing, has always had some pretty interesting responses to questions such as these, but this one wins. Amy Schumer herself seems to agree. The young comedienne, upon hearing the news tweeted a very simple “Holy shit” in response to Streep’s statement.

It would be an honor for anyone to be chosen by Streep to do any sort of acting but to be told that Meryl Streep thinks you’d make a good Meryl Streep…Schumer’s heart probably stopped for a few seconds because mine totally stopped just thinking about it.

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