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Miley Cyrus Working With Mike Will Made It, After Dissing The Culture…

Of course he welcomed her back with open arms… Miley Cyrus is back working with Mike Will Made it after dissing hip hop once she got back with her man Chris Helmsworth… Now that is over, she going back to the black side.

According to

Miley Cyrus recently revealed she’ll be reuniting with Mike Will Made It on her upcoming album, which could be considered a controversial move since shunning hip-hop last year. In a recent interview with the radio station 95.5 PLJ, Cyrus explained that her next album will feature a wide range of genres, one of being hip-hop.“A song that [Mark Ronson] and I have done together is more rock driven, modern Debbie Harry or Joan Jett,” she said. “Then we’ve got songs with Mike Will [Made It] that lean more hip-hop and songs with Andrew Wyatt that lean more pop/alternative. I just have kind of everything.”This revelation comes a year after the former Hannah Montana star called out hip-hop and distanced herself from the genre in a interview with Billboard, which prompted many to label her as a culture vulture.

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