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Monkey See, Monkey Do… Donald Trump Quotes DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win at Iowa Ralley

The reason why I say this is a monkey see, monkey do situation is because, back in 2015 Obama quoted Khaled “All I DO Is Win” during the White House correspondence dinner.. Now Trump is following in his footsteps..

President Donald Trump, who is facing binders full of accusations for possible collusion with Russian aides, decided to find the good in his presidency by quoting Khaled’s 2010 anthem, “All I Do Is Win.” Bragging about hate from critics, trump says: “We are making such incredible progress. We are making progress like nobody can believe,” Trump said. “These people [the media] are being driven crazy. They have a phony witch hunt going against me and you know what: all we do is win, win, win.”

Here is President Obama in 2015

Here is trump in the present, once again appropriating…

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