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Movado vs. Vybz Kartel

There’s been a war brewing between Movado and Vybz Cartel, apparently Vybz released a diss track going at Movado and within a week he’s responded back answering Kartel’s ‘Step’ with his own ‘Brawla’. Now everyone is talking about a new Gully vs Gaza war like in 2008.

Most people are saying that because Mavado won the lyrical war between him and Popcaan, Kartel is now defending Popcaan.

Take a listen Kartel’s ‘Step’

Take a listen Mavado’s ‘Brawla’

On October 17th, 2016 Vybz Kartel released the follow up track to ‘Step’. Second diss track aimed at Mavado. He also take shots at Alkaline.

The track which is title ‘Round Corna’ is produced by TJ Records.

Some insiders are also saying that this is proof that the self proclaim ‘WORL BOSS’ is recording in prison.

Stream Vybz Kartel’s Round Corna and the last clap back below.

Some are trying to say that this is a weak clap back and that Movado is unfazed…. But I guess we will see how this one plays out! If you’ve been living under a rock Vybz is currently doing a life sentence for murder…

But they never found a body, they just automatically convicted him because they felt that he was a bad example to the youths in Jamaica, so they basically made an example out of him because they had no real evidence..

But this is pretty interesting….

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