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Muhammad Ali Died of Septic Shock; His Funeral to Be Held On Friday

Friday night the legend Boxer Muhammed Ali passed away after he was rushed to Phoenix hospital on Thursday with a respiratory illness.

Now the cause of death is being revealed, The cause of Ali’s death on Friday was septic shock “due to unspecified natural causes,” Gunnell said.

“Muhammad has battled back many times,” said Gunnell. “We expected it to happen this time.”

According to NBC

While it’s unclear what respiratory ailment Ali was hospitalized with, NBC News Medical Contributor Dr. Natalie Azar said the likely culprit was pneumonia, which, like any infection, can progress to sepsis.

Sepsis is “an incredibly robust reaction to fight infection” that becomes essentially counteractive, Azar said. “The body’s trying so hard to fight infection and basically poops out.”

Chemicals released into the bloodstream meant to fight the initial infection “trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body. This inflammation can trigger a cascade of changes that can damage multiple organ systems, causing them to fail,” which leads to severe sepsis, according to the Mayo Clinic.

That paired with plummeting blood pressure is what causes “septic shock” to set in. Once Ali’s organs started to shut down, given his age and illness, “if he started to deteriorate within 24 hours, it’s not surprising,” Azar said. While Parkinson’s isn’t an auto-immune disease, “any chronic illness like that makes you less able to deal with a huge insult like an infection,” she said.


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