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Nate Parker Being Investigated In Another Sexual Misconduct Accusation

They are just determine to not let Nate Parker live huh? Nate Parker who was previously accused of sexual misconduct back in 1999 is finding himself in a similar situation and this time it’s for an incident that happened a year later… IN 2000!

The incident allegedly occurred while Nate was on the wrestling team and awaiting trial for his first rape offense… The female trainer stated that Parker revealed himself to her while she was giving him a back treatment.. She went on to demonstrate how it all happened, She says Nate Parker told her he wanted to show her something, and then pulled his pants down exposing the top half of his penis.

The young woman reported the alleged incident to the school’s assistant athletic director. The school then encouraged her to report it to police however, fearing retaliation, she ended up dropping the matter.

Nate Parker’s attorneys are calling the allegations completely untrue, but prosecutors are looking into the matter…

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