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Nearly 75,0000 Black Girls & Women Are Missing Across The Country!

Through all the distractions with the government and the media, what they’re neglecting to report about the nearly 75,000 women and little girls missing across the country… Especially in the DC area….

Within the past week two DC teens have gone missing and many other open cases of missing black teens and no one talking about them..

None of this is okay and it’s truly becoming an epidemic, but the fact of being young and black makes it hard to get their stories heard.

According to BAW:

Officials in DC are quick to say that 95% of the cases of disappearing girls and women have been resolved, but the fact remains that of the 5% that haven’t, all 37 of the girls and women are black and Latina. This trend is not unique to DC. Black girls and women represent an outrageously disproportionate percentage of the number of people missing in this country. Black girls and women represent about 7% of Americans but over 35% of all missing person’s cases.

Have you heard of Phoenix Coldron? She’s been missing since 2011.

How about Makayla Randall? She’s been missing since 2012.

Let’s not forget about the dozen teen girls who have gone missing in the Bronx… Fear of possible abduction and forced prostitution.

They say that if your child is missing, that as soon as you hang up with the police, you should call a PR firm. Some families, particularly families who can afford it, have done just that. Perhaps a network of PR firms would be willing to donate their services around this issue to ensure that these stories are widely known? Whatever the case, what we have right now is simply not enough.


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