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Unfortunately you were not created to stay on GO. Don’t get caught up in the hype of being “busy” because most of the time you end up “busy” doing…well.. NOTHING.

You are human, not a robot. That was my reminder when I came across one of my favorite news outlet, Huffington Post. I also got a taste of freedom and mental days once I started my own entrepreneurship journey. Though I’m still working a full time job, the extra source of income has helped me not be so hard on myself when I take “mental health” days from work. Here’s 6 reasons, according to research, of why you should take mental health days because we know you don’t want to quit!


As a personal testimony I took a 3 weeks leave of absence from my stressful job. I got tired of the micromanaging and production based environment. Not to mention the upset customers. I was blessed to be able to have a job however began to take a toll on my emotional health. I was a little bit more snappy than usual while also feeling trapped. It took me away from my family and the things I was passionate about such as writing, health, entertainment blogging, and my wellness business I started. I felt I had lost myself and that that LOA was necessary. You probably cant take a LOA but you can call out one day…or two. Here’s why:

1. Explore your surroundings.

When was the last time you appreciate the beauty of your environment? There are things to explore. I noticed when I took that LOA, discovered places that I’ve never seen in an environment I had been living in for 2 years! Discovering a new boutique or just an adventure period can is liberating.


2. Stress relief.
As a kid, I’m more than sure you didn’t dream of sitting in a cubicle checking off a to-do list. Being confined to back to back phone calls and constantly staring at a screen. Workplace burnout is a serious issue. A mental day helps with the feeling of being overwhelmed or bogged down. London recommends taking a day for yourself…America I’m going to need for you to get on it.

3. Productivity increases.
Giving your mind a chance to decompress will not only boost creativity, it will also increase productivity. You’re really helping your company by taking a day off. After I came back from my LOA I was unstoppable. My boss was upset about the LOA but he understood once he seen the results.


People who say “I’ll sleep when I die” are tired and of no good use. Sorry, not sorry. Sleep is a guaranteed performance enhancer. An ideal work day according to scientist agree that an ideal workday should start at 10:00am however that’s not happening. During my LOA my phone stayed on Do not Disturb and I was snoring until the pigs came home.

5. Catching up with relationships.

Work takes away from our families and friends. It is important part of human nature to cultivate and maintain relationships with the people who encourage us the most. Love is what keeps us motivated to do the things we do. During my time off I was able to bond with people I had neglected. I’m not proud to say that my daughter suffered because I was mainly too tired or worrying to be my best self. Something had to take a back burner!


You spend most of your time building someone else’s dream. You over work yourself for others why not take time for you? Everyone could use the money but don’t let money take over your happiness. YOU MAKE THE MONEY. DONT LET THE MONEY MAKE YOU!

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