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Neo Nazis and White Supremacists Threaten To Wage War Against Blacks if Trump Loses

Well, I guess we need to get prepared for war, Donald Trump has made himself the face of open white supremacy and now they’re threatening to wage a race war if he’s not elected president. These white conservatives really think they are about that life, they don’t really want war with black people!

Many officials believe that there will be a wave of violence directed at Black people in the event of a Trump loss.

According to Melonoidnation:

“Liberals will have targets on their backs, as their behaviors are pretty much evident,” Moseley posted. “Race wars will begin as well, as your skin color will be your uniform!” A Trump supporter and suspected white supremacist from Greenville, South Carolina named Jim Moseley, posted threats against Black citizens on his Facebook page…
Melanoid people around the country should be on full alert during this election, and they should take preemptive measures to protect themselves and their families in the event that white extremists carry out these numerous threats.


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