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New Aggressive Strain of HIV Discovered in Cuba!

It ain’t safe out here, please wrap it up…. Scientist have discovered a new aggressive strain of HIV in Cuba that develops into Aids three times faster than the common strains of the virus.

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Researchers at the University of Leuven in Belgium say the HIV strain CRF19 can progress to AIDS within two to three years of exposure to virus. Typically, HIV takes approximately 10 years to develop into AIDS. Patients with CRF19 may start getting sick before they even know they’ve been infected, which ultimately means there’s a significantly shorter time span to stop the disease’s progression. The scientists began studying the cases in Cuba when reports began coming in that a growing number of HIV-infected patients were developing AIDS just three years after diagnosis with the virus. The findings of their study were published in the journal EBioMedicine. For the study, the researchers analyzed blood samples of 73 recently infected patients. Among the group, 52 already had AIDS, while the remaining 21 were HIV-positive but the virus had not yet progressed. The researchers compared their findings to blood samples of 22 AIDS patients who had more common strains of the virus.

The researchers found that patients with CRF19 had higher levels of the virus in their blood compared with those who had more common strains. Thanks to medical treatment HIV is no longer a death sentence, but researchers have cautioned that this new strain of the virus is more likely to be diagnosed when they already have full blown AIDS. Researchers suspect that this aggressive form of HIV occurs when fragments of other subsets the virus cling to each other through an enzyme that makes the virus more powerful and easily replicated in the body.

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