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New Dream Alert: Diddy Wants to Buy The NFL… The Whole NFL Organization!

I would so gag if that happens…. I’m here for it.. The NFL is looking to implement new rules to force NFL players to stand during the national anthem, the controversy is at the forefront of the sports world yet again. Ratings are down and players are getting woke little by little…

Diddy announced his intentions on Twitter fter tweeting about the protests and the NFL seemingly looking to end them for good. Diddy retweeted CNN’s Keith Boykin pointing out that 70 percent of the NFL is black, and adding “Facts.” Then, Diddy revealed his dream to own an NFL team, and said that has now evolved to him wanting to own his own league.

One thing about him is that once he puts his mind to it he has laser focus & consistency. The hard part is setting a foundation not the money. The money is easy.


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