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New Invention That Let’s Women Have Sex During Their Period Without The Mess!

A new invention has arrived for women who likes to get it poppin during that time of the month… It’s called the Ziggy Cup.. It is a reusable , silicone menstrual device worn while getting intimate, the invention dropped earlier this month and can last a women up to two years.

According to

The cup sits just below the cervix and creates a vacuum seal to catch blood, its flat shape is so thin, the manufacturer INTIMINA claims it cannot be felt and they say that the Ziggy Cup causes no dryness or irritation and is non-toxic.

It can hold up to 76ml of blood, the cup is covered in a hexagon pattern that creates friction to ensure it stays in place.

Its 100 per cent hypoallergenic material is the same as that of medical implants and has passed regulations set by the US’ drug-approving body FDA.

The cup comes in a discreet carry case and simply requires cleaning between uses.

Directions on how to use below:

To insert, the Ziggy Cup:

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Sterilise the cup for five-to-eight minutes in boiling water between uses
Squeeze the back and side edges of the cup, pointing it towards you, to create a figure of eight
While sitting comfortably on the toilet, relax your vaginal muscles and insert the cup
Tilt it towards the back of your body and push the rim so it is resting behind the pubic bone
Wash your hands before removing the cup, then sit comfortably and hook a finger under the Ziggy’s rim
Gently pull the device out, ensuring it is pointing up to avoid spillages

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