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New Kanye West Documentary Reveals His Bitter Feud With Jay Z

There’s a Kanye West documentary on the horizon and it shows him coming up from his humble beginnings in Chicago..

Major news source in Chicago shows a preview, showing the rise and bitter feud of two of music’s biggest stars – gives an insight into the early life of producer turned rapper.

The film depicts the tale of creativity versus commercial gain, inner-city deprivation versus suburban aspiration, of right versus left.
Documentary director Nico Wasserman said: ‘In the process of building their empires Jay-Z and Kanye have provided a spine tingling soundtrack for a generation.
‘Their story goes beyond their music and has opened up discussions on everything from class barriers to mental health.’
Rob Coldstream, Commissioning Editor, Special Factual, added: ‘Arguably two of the coolest and most influential artists in the world, their incredible life stories offer a fascinating new twist on the American dream.
‘These are two mega-personalities whose success and rivalry has captured the public’s imagination.’

Public Enemies: Jay-Z v Kanye, produced by ACME Films, is on Channel 4 this summer…

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