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New Music: Mary J. Blige ‘Thick of It’

Mary J. Blige is back and ready to pour her heart out, after announcing her divorce from then husband Kendu Issaac’s people wondered how this would affect Mary J…. Well….. Let’s just say that an Epic album will come from this.

Mary revealed:

“If you know me, you know what I’m dealing with right now,” she said. “The ‘Thick of It’ is the divorce and all this stuff that’s going on right now. It’s the heaviness of it and the whole thing…That’s where I am. I’m in the middle of a divorce and it doesn’t feel good. It feels terrible, but I have strength to get through and I get through by any means necessary.”

She continued, saying that she doesn’t mind being an open book with her music. “It’s not hard to be transparent when you’re actually trying to heal from something,” she said. “There’s no embarrassment.”

Next week, Blige is heading out on the “King and Queen of Hearts Tour” with Maxwell, starting Oct. 13 in Switzerland. Listen to full song below..

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