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Newly Blind Item Reveals Some Great “Alleged’ Tea on Jay Z & Beyonce

A newly blind item was released about Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship… But really when is it not? Apparently, Bey may have just weathered another lemonade moment with hubby Jay Z..

From Crazy Days and Nights

Blind Items Revealed
August 9, 2016
No amount of cameras were going to make this A+ list singer and her A+ list mogul husband interact with each other after the week they have had. Apparently one of the women he sleeps with on a regular basis severely injured herself in a fall at his house.
Beyonce/Jay-Z/Coldplay concert

The when Ryhmewithsnitch did a little digging they noticed some more tea:

Fun Fact: While trolling for pictures of Jay Z and Beyonce at the concert mentioned in the blind I could not find a single shot of them in the same frame but there was a written report about how they came to the concert, stayed for around 15 minutes, and then left.

Even though Colplay played in MIA last week, this was before Made In America, they played in the Hampton (some bar) (?) prior to made in america.

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