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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Have Reportedly Called it Quits After Two Years!

Somewhere Drake is cheesing like hell, when art imitates life…. #Back2Back! So word on the curb is Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have called it quits after two years…. It appears that Nicki wasn’t feeling Meek’s hood mentality and deemed him childish, basically out growing him, but we all knew that was going to happen..

According to

Nicki finally grew tired of Meek’s “hood mentality”. Apparently the singer has more “refined” interests like museums and fashion shows while Mr. Mill would prefer to hang with his “boys”.

The source went on to reveal:
“Nicki and Meek are not on the same page. Meek still wants to go to the hood, hang out with his boys and ride bikes. Nicki’s into refined things, like museums and fashion shows.”

The confidante added:
“They both have similar pasts, so they hit it off. But Nicki is no longer in a ‘hood mentality’ and Meek is. One day he’ll grow up and maybe they’ll get back together.”

For the record, Nicki broke up with Meek and of course he’s trying to get her back! Chile…


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