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Now Harvard University Faculty Members Admits to Stealing $110k From Disabled Students!

Wow! Not only Howard University is going through some mess…. But, now Harvard has a scammer amongst them.. Two Harvard administrators are accused of embezzling $110,000 meant for disabled students and spending it on items including sex toys. Like c’mon man! The college system in America is totally corrupt!

According to NY Daily News:

Meg DeMarco and Darris Saylors used to work at Harvard Law School, but resigned after a new budget manager discovered something wrong and started a police investigation, according to WBZ.

A criminal complaint seen by the station said that the pair each used tens of thousands of the stolen funds to buy iPads, IPods and laptops, with Saylors allegedly using a Dean of Students purchasing card for sex toys.

DeMarco, whose LinkedIn page says that she was in charge of managing the budget for the Dean of Students Office, is accused of using a mobile card reader to put money directly into her own personal bank account.

Saylors, who moved away from Boston, according to public records, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily News.

WBZ confronted DeMarco, now an administrator at Babson College, about the allegations.

“It was a big job and I made mistakes,” she said. “I never intended to harm the university. I’m very sorry and will do everything in my power to rectify the situation.”

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