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Breaking News: NY, NJ bombing suspect; Ahmad Khan Rahami arrested in New Jersey.

Authorities are looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami  for questioning about the NYC and NJ bombings, which they have now captured..

Ahmad is a 28 years old, naturalized US citizen who was born in Afghanistan. The FBI warned the suspect might be armed and dangerous. Another device was found in Elizabeth, NJ in a book bag  while a police robot investigated the devices that exploded.

The FBI has been searching  Ahmad’s  family home in Elizabeth, NJ Authorities and the FBI believe that the two attacks in Seaside Park, NJ and Chelsea NY together with the one in Elizabeth, NJ are all linked.

Authorities and NYPD have gave a description about the suspect, 5 feet 6 inches tall and weight about 200 pounds. He has brown eyes, brown hair and brown facial hair. They advised to the public that if they see him to not approach the suspect because he might be armed.

Governor Cuomo declared that “there might have been a common link” and “wouldn’t be surprised if we found a foreign connection to the act.”

NYPD presence will be increased; New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says; He does not want to take any chances and he is doing everything he can to protect New Yorkers.

Update: The bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami has been arrested and taken into custody after he received a gun shot wound in Linden, NJ.

According to the New York Times:


Photos from the scene show the suspect lying on the sidewalk and handcuffed.

Rahami was captured after a gun battle in Linden, N.J.; images shown on local TV shortly before noon Monday showed Rahami on a stretcher with what looks to be a wound on his upper arm or shoulder, with his hands behind his back.

Chris Bollwage, the mayor of Elizabeth, N.J., the nearby city where Rahami lived, said on CNN that the suspect was apprehended and taken away by an ambulance after being injured in a shootout with police.



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