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OVER IT.COM: Here’s Why I Got Frustrated With the M.A.C. Selena Collection, Beauty Gurus, and EBAY!

“Your passion for Selena lives on through #MACSelena. The multi-product collection arrives October 2016.”

I’ve waited patiently for the late singer, Selena Quintanilla’s MAC collection since its announcement in 2015. Everyone who was either into Selena or cosmetics anticipated this release. No exact date was given at the time..all we knew that it was in October. Fast forward to last Saturday October 1st as I was leaving work my friend texted me to let me know the line had dropped. I already knew I wasn’t ready to deal with the crowds at the MAC counter’s so what did I do? I did like any smart consumer would and went online to purchase the products. SOLD OUT. Almost EVERYTHING was sold out from the eye-shadows to the lipsticks.

With the little ounce of hope I still had in me, I decided to swallow my pride and go to a mall nearby my work place. “Sorry We’re sold out,” a MAC consultant informed me. “There’s still hope” is what I thought to myself. Bottom line and long story short there was no hope. Three store attempts later and the line was sold out. Whose heart was broken? Mine.

I kept searching online and came across Ebay’s ridiculous asking price for the entire collection. The Selena collection’s asking “sale” price on Ebay was for $3,055. Now to my recollection M.A.C.’s asking price was only $250-$260. How could people exploit this line into something to “get rich” or “die trying” scam. You mean to tell me that an $18 “Como La Flor” lipstick will actually cost me $350 for all 3 on Ebay because it was sold out from it’s original company? That’s just too rich for my blood and I love Selena but as far as I’m concerned this relationship is over. Fans camped outside of malls in anticipation of the store release and many of On the bright side, M.A.C confirms that they’ll restock the collection soon.

If this happens with the Aaliyah Collection that’s dropping soon I can assure you that I will be one of those campers spending the night at the mall on Friday!


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