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Party Guest Shot While Attending Soulja Boy’s Birthday Celebration…

People are going to learn to stop doing it for Social Media, Soulja Boy threw a party celebrating his 26th birthday and a party guest was shot after a robbery attempt.

A party guest in the studio where Soulja Boy were SnapChating his birthday celebration was shot in the arm after stepping outside for some air. Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston and others were still in the studio when all of this went down.

A masked suspect pulled up and attempted to rob the party goer, a struggle ensued and the suspect shot the victim in the arm, and then fled by car. By the time police responded, Soulja Boy had bolted. The victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.
Cops don’t have a suspect yet. Soulja posted pics of himself flaunting stacks o’ cash during the party — which couldn’t have helped matters.

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