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Pastor John Gray Hiding An Alleged Affair That Resulted In Pregnancy ?

I guess we are starting 2019 off with a bang huh ? Pastor John Gray has received a lot of backlash lately, especially after buying his wife $200k aventar car for their anniversary, but it appears that he may have been buying her silence and loyalty.

According to sources Obnoxious TV:

John had an affair with a woman that was rumored to have been expecting a child with. Apparently his wife confronted the alleged girlfriend and gave her and old fashioned ass whipping. Obnoxious Media is not sure if she was paid to have an abortion or if Aventar whipped her into a miscarriage. We will get to the bottom of this story and all details involved, but what we know is their was definitely an affair and a physical altercation. John was thanking his wife for not exposing him, leaving him and killing his ministry as a thank you with the expensive gift.

Read the Jump off email to the source below:

Read an email sent to Obnoxious Media by one of John Gray’s jumpoff’s below:
How are you
All is well
I just found out about your show last night, I would’ve called in on John Gray.
I met John in 2007
He had a Ministry online and he ask for my cell number and called me, we talk and stay in contact over years.
Let me start off with the Truth of who I know, He is a liar, he steals and even tried to kill my daughter and I . He is. False prophet false Teacher the Enemy , evil and wicked .

He lead me to believe that he was the Truth. I observed and discern the real
God showed me and my daughter who he truly is,
He would send emails daily for months.
Then we met in Philadelphia
I left it as it was because he has a lot of games with women emotions
But I seen through him, so I later moved to Atlanta in 2008
I went to New Birth, he knew I was moving there he was in contact with my daughter and I told Us that he would be going out of town. But, he would be coming for Us, we would be together. He played with us with lies and deception . We spoke at church and on the phone
I’m a Spirit Led Woman so I see him God was showing
So 2009 he said that we would be courting and would be together, more lies
He would play with me ask me to suck his dick , he wanted to fuck me , see my breasts vagina everyday , one day I had a seizure and my daughter was with me he stated he would be there for my daughter, he never came at all, I was in Emory for one week. I’m a single Black Woman of God. His emotional darkness unfruitful Darkness he plays sick twisted games.
He was suppose to help my daughter out of a situation when we lived in Stockbridge Ga .
He never did which cause us to be homeless and he never helped Us at all. I knew we were homeless, he watch did not . He has a seared consciousness
He doesn’t care about no one he’s a Fake masked devil
He doesn’t have a heart for single mothers!!!
The Devil has been mad because I didn’t Fuck him
He is very charming and charismatic that’s how he gets you, he funny with words no actions of faith
His Spirit of Lust Spirit of perversion in pulpit

The day of his wedding he told me he didn’t like or love her he didn’t find her attractive he called her Ugly and “It” is how he described his wife on there wedding day
I told him I was coming there to tell her
I begged No don’t!!!!
He is a liar
On his wedding day at the altar he was Lusting for me
On his Honeymoon he was thinking of me to even get off
He been lusting for me burning his entire marriage
The wife knows about me
He came to me when his mom had Cancer
He never help me and my daughter not one time
I’ve been knowing John for ten years
I called his Mother In July of 2018
Tell her to get her son
I had no contact with John on my end since his wedding day
I don’t mess with married men
These fake Leaders
I can tell you anything you want to know
He never had a marriage for 8 years
They’re liars frauds
That’s a coverup
He struggles with demons she covers his darkness
His spirit of Lust
He got it bad
He wanted me sooooo badly
I never Fuck him
Never gave in to the Demon
He lies hurt and pain Deception confusion
He stole from my writing for years
Took my ideas and gotten paid
He told me all he stole from me
You sure blessed me with all your stuff
He was cashing checks he used and stole from me
I let God handle it Best
I prayed and ask God to expose him in the earth
I’m a Author
He came to kill me I’m Ga
When he got married he said I was going to die on airplane
My daughter and was going get in car accidents and die
We would die when we lived in our van for 7 months and he knew never did anything
He told me I know God told me to help you and I’m still not going too because I wouldn’t do what he ask

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  1. Dani

    January 5, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    Somebody needs to study their English composition… Who wrote this?

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