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Petty Level on 10 : Wendy Williams’ estranged husband Kevin Hunter has been given 48 hours to clear out from their marital home while the $215K Ferrari he bought for his baby mama is towed away!

Let the Petty games begin, Wendy Williams being a Cancer with a Scorpio moon, it was only a matter of time before she went all in. After releasing a public apology to wife and vowing to continue to work with her, Kevin Hunter has been fired, along with the baby mama’s Ferrari getting repo’d.

From Daily Mail

Kevin Hunter was fired as executive producer on Wendy Williams’ show after she served her philandering husband divorce papers last week
The 47-year-old was also fired as Wendy’s manager and he was given 48 hours to remove his belongings from their New Jersey home, a source confirmed to
The TV show host decided she finally had enough after Hunter’s baby mama Sharina Hudson was photographed by driving around a brand new Ferrari
Hunter and Hudson had been living the high life at a hideaway in New Jersey, going for dinner dates, dressing in designer gear and driving flashy new cars
‘Wendy saw the photos of him and Sharina on the Daily Mail… she was furious. That’s what tipped her over the edge, she was like, he’s gotta go’, a source said
Hunter publicly apologized in vain on Tuesday, admitting he was not ‘proud of his recent actions’ and was ‘trying to right some wrongs’
Hunter’s statement came as the $215,000-plus gold Ferrari Portofino he gifted Hudson was seen being towed away – a day after he was hit with the papers

Grand opening, grand closing! The side piece thought she was about to be switching lanes…

Life is coming at them real fast—as fast as that damn Ferrari came and went!

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