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Piers Morgan Accused of Being An Ignorant Racist After Saying Meghan Markle’s child will be ‘The First Black Royal Baby”

I guess people are pressed that a royal child with some black in them will be born, on Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan showed his racist side when he stated that Meghan Markle’s child will be ‘the first black royal baby, which left the hosts speechless.

According to ONTD

Morgan said “The significance could be that because she’s from a mixed race family, we could have the first black baby Buckingham Palace has ever seen and it would be a wonderful thing.”

Campbell retorted: “Being Jamaican and having been brought up in Jamaica, which is a multiracial society, I’m very sorry – the baby is not going to be black. The baby is going to have black blood and it’s also going to have white blood – you can’t be seven-eighths white and called black, I think that’s racism of the highest order.”

“That’s like Hitler’s definition of a Jew: ‘I’m sorry you’re one-eighth Jewish, you’re full Jewish, and therefore, into the oven you go.’ I’m sorry if you’re partly black you’re partly black. You’re not fully black.”

Lady Campbell is right. But Piers statement makes him look more ignorant than anything. Watch video below:

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