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Pinky Fingers Up: 2 Chainz Guzzling $600 Coffee Made of Kitty Poop

Out of all the things I think I could do with $600, the LAST thing I would do is think about sipping gourmet cat s***…I mean ..Poop(sorry if their are any kiddos reading this). I guess you can POOP away money like that when your making as much as 2 Chainz though huh?

In the latest episode of Tity Boy’s “Most Expensivest Shit” series for GQ, one half of ColleGrove finds out how pricey coffee brewing can get with Jeremy Kuempel, the founder of Blossom Coffee according to sources at Rap-up.

The coffee is called Kopi Luwak coffee, which is made of cat feces and it goes for $600 per cup! That’s right, per cup! Watch below:

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