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Private School in NYC Plan to Separate Children Based on Race

An upscale private school in Manhattan that has a tuition for $45k a year is planning to segregate children this coming fall.

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Director Philip Kassen was said to have already implemented the practice for the 2017-18 school year for the school’s 7th and 8th grade students, and hoped to do the same for 6th grade students in September.

David Schwimmer, Christy Turlington Burns and Sofia Coppola all have children who attend the school. The school consists of approximately 40 students in each grade. Students spend roughly 30 per cent of their school day in homeroom – of which there are two in each grade. Knowledge of the policy grew in June, with parents going on the ruthless offensive and condemning Kassen and the practice.

‘They had a couple meetings with parents and there was a lot of buzz and outrage and yelling,’ said a different parent. He pointed to the school’s handbook that states: ‘Research points to the academic, social, and emotional benefits to being in a classroom with others who share racial, ethnic, linguistic, and/or cultural backgrounds.’

Private school advisers mostly condemned the practice, with one referring to the practice as ‘brouhaha’.

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