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When I found out this story, it really broke my heart. I can’t explain what I felt or the thoughts that were rushing through my mind as I could only imagine the gratitude this man may have had after surviving that horrible shooting that could have taken his life that night. Yet, only for his life to be taken away a short time after. It makes you really want to question the man above but then again……who are we to question?

After surviving the June Pulse Night club shooting in Orlando that killed 49 people, Chris Brodam died early Sunday morning while attending a friends birthday party. 34- Year old Chris was found unconscious and unresponsive without any sign that something could have caused the death prior to his loved ones findings. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is waiting for test results before determining the massacre survivor’s cause of death, saying in a statement:

“Preliminary findings showed no physical signs of homicidal violence. The final conclusion of the official cause of death is pending additional forensics and toxicology examination by the Medical Examiner’s Office.”


Brodam’s boyfriend Cord Cedeno has taken the tragedy hard by posting:
“My name is Cord Cedeno and Chris Brodman was the love of my life. We went to a birthday party out of town and he was killed and the circumstances of how he died is still unknown and being investigated. The funds raised will be used to cover funeral costs including services at the funeral home, burial, and installation of a headstone. No one deserved to die like he did and making sure his memory lives on is my main goal I won’t let whoever did this take away what an amazing person he was and the memories we made together. He deserves justice. Our families are working together to make sure he is laid to rest in peace and remembered for the kind and good man he was. WE LOVE YOU CHRIS”

Our hearts are throbbing for Brodam’s loved ones and we wish them continued strength at the time of their loss.

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