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R. Kelly Confidant Comes Forward About Him ‘Allegedly’ Sleeping With Aaliyah’s Mom ?

I mean they just can’t let this girl rest? A confidant by the name of Lisa Van Allen is coming forward to spill some secrets her and R. Kelly shared during the Aaliyah, ‘Age Ain’t nothing But A Number’ days. Though this is old industry tea, it’s amazing how everyone is just coming out with their own stories and his fans are still trying to be Ray Charles to his madness…

One thing I learned, everybody not gon’ tell the same lie!

According to Vlad TV:

Lisa Van Allen spoke to VladTV about R. Kelly opening up to her about his sister molesting him as a child, and also about his relationship with Aaliyah. Lisa says that R. Kelly told her about marrying a then 15-year-old Aaliyah after getting her pregnant and the two singers making a pact to never tell anyone about the situation. Lisa also says that R. Kelly told her that he was hooking up with Aaliyah’s mother when they would go home to her house in Detroit after Aaliyah would go to sleep. 

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