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R. Kelly Wants Ya’ll To Know It’s Too Late To Ruin His Legacy, Should’ve Done It Years Ago!

Well, that’s very bold of the pied piper, R. Kelly who’s been in the media lately for everything other than his music is letting ya’ll know that the people trying to ruin his legacy is too little too late!

R. Kelly who’s being targeted by the #METOO movement and being accused of sexually abusing multiple women and being slapped with a lawsuit for infecting another woman with Herpes, click here if you missed that….

Now he wants people to know that it’s too late to ruin his legacy.. In a video posted on Facebook Live R. Kelly brags about this….

“I got a million motherfuckers hatin’ me or 40 billion motherfuckers lovin’ me, you know what I’m sayin’? And I’mma tell you somethin’ I’mma take this musical shit, and I’mma inject these motherfuckers with this musical, beautiful shit…I am handcuffed by my destiny. It’s too late. They shoulda did this shit 30 years ago. It’s too late. The music has been injected in the world.”

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