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Rae Sremmurd Co-Wrote Beyonce’s Formation, But The Ignorance Level Was On 10 In New Interview!

Rae Sremmurd was on The Breakfast Club yesterday and to be honest I wasn’t really interested in hearing what they had to say… But, after hearing how ignorant they were, I had to take a look for myself..

Slim Jimmy one of Rae Sremmurd is pure ignorant, you can tell he never had anything in life.. It was so bad the light skin one was almost embarrassed, you can tell they were polar opposites.

Swae Kee dude seemed to be the brains of this operation. He makes the music, talked about investing and saving his money, said he doesn’t hit women etc. *Didn’t know he produce Beyoncés formation* impressed.

Meanwhile the dark skin dude was acting like he ain’t never had shit. Standing up on chairs, talking about his fur and material stuff. Calling the girls he messed with bitches etc. Openly admitted to cheating and not caring. Just uncalled for! You could tell he ain’t know no damn better …a hot mess.

When Angela asked how girls are treated when they come back to the hotel room

Slim Jimmy: suck my dick and get out…he not paying for room service, etc

Lightskin: She’s allowed to get extra towels, room service, stay the night etc.

Wearing a 20k Gucci womens fur coat in August.


Watch the video below:

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