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Rape Victim of Nicki Minaj’s Man Speaks Out and Calls Her Out For Lying!

Nicki Minaj’s man Kenny Petty Zoo is just the gift that keeps on giving. Remember when we showed you text messages of Nicki Minaj’s man K Petty and his ex when he first left her, click here if you missed that.. Then the ex girlfriend spoke out confirming everything…. Now the rape victim is speaking out as well and blasting Nicki for being a liar!

Now she is coming forward to tell all and blasting Nicki for lying… In cliffs she is hurt that Nicki would lie for her man..

-She’s very upset and depressed over Nicki telling those lies, says it makes her feel like she has to live her own rape over again

-Contrary to Nicki’s claim, she was never in a relationship with him, she never even knew him

-Contrary to Nicki’s claim, the victim’s mother was not the one who pressed charges, due to personal matters, her mother was never in the picture

-Say he raped her multiple times and she still has the scar on her stomach from where he cut her + at one point he stood in the mirror beating his chest saying “I’m the man, I’m the man”

-Says Nicki can be looking forward to a lawsuit very soon

-Candace points out how the rape victim was never a part of the conversation until Nicki Minaj tried to spread a false narrative causing the media to fact check

-A lot of details were omitted because Candace is afraid for the parties involved since K. Petty is running with the bloods

-Candace says Nicki’s comment was very callous and a representation of why women all around the world are afraid to speak up

-The girl is not white, she’s biracial

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