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Rapper Future Threatens To Pull A Rae Carruth on New Baby Mother?

Reproductive abuser and Rapper Future maybe in some hot water, a model who goes by the name of Reign aka #Elizareign on Instagram has come forward to announce that she is pregnant with Future’s unborn child.

In a 10 page post on Instagram Reign, who is Haitian and black, talks about how the two have been sleeping together for years unprotected and how she always thought he was an upstanding individual until she told him she was keeping their unborn child!

Reign says that Future wasn’t initially upset, but he did ask her to have an abortion and she was going to do it, until her doctor and parents talked her out of it and she named a lot of factors…

One being her age, making her high risk, she also went on to say that her doctor warned her about the after effects of an abortion and how it could be a chance that she may not be able to conceive if she went through with it.

So, with all of that Reign decided to keep her unborn baby, which made the Freebandz CEO pissed off. She filed a police report, quit her job and lived in hotels because she feared for her life! He’s been threatening her through other people and wanting to put a bounty on her head.

The reason why Ray Carruth was referenced is because he shot and killed the mother of his unborn son, because she refused to abort their baby. He hired a hit-man to ensure that their child was not born, but God had other plans and he is now 19. Click here for story..

Future is probably trying to scare her into a miscarriage if you ask me!

Reign says that she is speaking out because she doesn’t want anyone to go through what she’s going through and that this is a terrifying situation for her and her unborn baby and she’s ready to fight back! Read her post below:


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