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Rapper Kurupt’s Estranged Wife Jovan Brown aka (Gail Gotti) Claims He Bailed On Her After Cancer Diagnosis

Dogg Pound’s Kurupt is being accused of leaving his estranged wife Jovan Brown aka Gail Gotti high and dry after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

From the Blast:

Jovan Brown is trying to get Kurupt to pay up on spousal support he allegedly owes, and says that since she was diagnosed with cancer her estranged husband has allegedly refused to pay for her medical bills and living expenses.

She writes, “Our separation definitely hurt, as I could not understand how after 17 years” he abruptly “left me in my time of need when I needed his support and love the most.”

Brown explains that “Before [Kurupt] left our relationship, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although I earned a salary prior to separation and [he] knew I needed the money, when I asked [Kurupt] to assist me with my treatment, he responded “go get a regular job” and I should “get a boyfriend to help me pay for my treatments.”

She also says that when she met Kurupt back in the day, he didn’t have a penny to his name and lived in homes rented by his mother. Brown says they had no car and struggled for years together to get on their feet. She also claims that while Kurupt was the public face of the business, she handled all the behind the scenes matters, including bringing in lucrative business opportunities.

Brown says her thanks after 16 years of marriage was for her estranged husband to inform her that he had a new life with a new woman, and had to focus on providing for his new family. She also claims [Kurupt] suffers from substance abuse issues that have allegedly caused him to become verbally and mentally abusive.

Since becoming financially strapped, Brown claims she sold off all her jewelry, including her wedding rings, to cover living expenses.

She’s seeking $14,000 per month in spousal support, $40,000 in attorney’s fees and a 50% stake of ownership in all the companies she claims to have managed for the rapper.

A hearing has been set for July.

Jovan Brown aka Gail Gotti and Kurupt have been separated for years now, so this is interesting being that she and Gary Payton were or still are a thing!

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