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Ray Allen Threatening To Kill Gay Accuser

Last week Ray Allen was put on blast for allegedly stalking what he thought was a woman, but turned out to be a man after their relationship ended, click here for that… Now things have escalated quickly where he is now threatening to kill his male accuser..

According to TMZ:

Bryant K. Coleman filed the petition for a temporary restraining order against Allen on Nov. 6 — a petition that was granted by a Florida judge.
In the docs, Coleman claims Allen called him on the phone on Sept. 9 — after their alleged 3-year relationship had ended — and said he wanted to “ensure that I went away and never opened my mouth again.” “He said he wanted me to get what I deserved.”
Coleman says Allen has “repeatedly spied on me by sending his associates to follow me in my community.” One incident allegedly took place in a Publix market on Oct. 10 where Coleman says a man approached him and told him to “watch your back.”
Coleman also claims he received a phone call from someone threatening to strangle him — and he believes the caller was Ray Allen.
In the docs, Coleman says Allen was recently seen in public with 2 armed men and believes the ex-NBA star may be planning a “more direct attack.”

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