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Ray J Was Finally Bold Enough To Release ‘Famous’ Single About Kim x Kanye West

I like Ray J sometimes, but as you can see he still is clearly bitter about how Kim Kardashian moved on with life and played him like a fiddle..

Even after everything he’s tried to take jabs, come out with more songs, constantly reminding us of how he hit Kim Kardashian first….. Kanye West in the beginning was shading Ray J like crazy and he didn’t have much of a response then… So, why are you coming out with a diss single now?

Ray J goes full-on savage mode, responding in a not-so-subtle way to Kanye West’s choice to involve him in the “Famous” video. Interestingly enough, the track is out today (Nov. 21), hours after West canceled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour, further proving sometimes Ray J simply is lame at times..

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