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Reggie Bush “Allegedly” Impregnate Mistress Behind Wife Lilit’s Back

Rumors are surfacing about Reggie Bush knocking up his alleged mistress who happens to live in Miami….. Lilt Avagyan Reggie’s Kim Kardashian look a like is being mistreated and her friends are tired of it…. So what do they do.. Spill all their business…

According to Bossip:

Sources close to the couple tell BOSSIP that several weeks ago Reggie Bush allegedly paid $2 Million to Monique Exposito, a waitress who works at Miami nightclub Mokai this year for her silence and to have an abortion.

“It is well known in Miami circles that Reggie has been hooking up with Monique for the last 2 years,” a trusted source told BOSSIP, adding that he’s also been paying for her living expenses. “When Monique told him that she was pregnant, Reggie offered her $1 million to have an abortion, but she declined.”

Monique is no fool… She’s scored her pay day…….

“She lawyered up and She definitely was trying to send him a very strong message that she was not playing around.” “My understanding is a settlement was eventually made and Monique pulled out of her deal to tell her story,” the source told BOSSIP exclusively. “She even deleted all posts on her Instagram page where she’d mentioned her lawyer.”

No wonder he posted a caption… God can Turn any Situation around… Men love to bring GOD up when they’ve messed up!

Read full story here…

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