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Reginae Carter Allegedly Dumps YFN Lucci After Getting Stripper Pregnant ?

As you can see I put “Allegedly” in the title, but if YFN Lucci did indeed get a stripper pregnant while with Reginae, then she had every right to dump him….

It is being reported that YFN Lucci had a baby with a stripper and lied to Reginae about it… They’re saying that rumors starting swirling last spring…

According to MTO:

Last Spring rumors began swirling that Lucci may have gotten a stripper pregnant. At the time the rapper DENIED it, and he told Reginae that it was all just a bunch of lies.

Word on the street is that the dancer gave birth and got Lucci to take a blood test – and he WAS THE FATHER.

Reginae’s friend explained, “She felt so betrayed and lied to. Not only do you cheat, and get a girl pregnant, but then you also make a fool out of her and lie about the baby.” The couple was rumored to have broken up back in August, but they had gotten back together…Now it seems things are finally done. eginae and Lucci had been all over social media together

As Reginae’s friend put it,”Hell no, that n**ga had to get FIRED!!.”

Reginae has unfollowed Lucci on social media.

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