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Remy Ma Take Subliminal Shots at Nicki Minaj During The BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher? (Video)

We ran into Remy Ma earlier during the BET green carpet and she was of course slaying….. Now, during the taping of the BET Cypher it seemed as if Remy Ma was taking some jabs towards Nicki Minaj….. Even though she said no particular names, you couldn’t help but wonder if that was the case…

Remy is going to deny it. She’s been taking shots at Nicki for a minute now and then denies it when questioned. But, doesn’t that sound familiar….. **Cough, Cough***….. Nicki when she first came out and would always throw jabs at Lil Kim and then deny..

Remy has nothing to lose here, but Remy has been going at Nicki for a minute now… Besides both did the OOOUUUU Remix and clearly they were both going at each other.

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