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Report: The Real Rating’s Are Suffering Since Tamar Braxton’s Departure…

Ummmmm. Duh, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that and some of the fans are coming forward to confirm that the show is not the same since Tamar Braxton left.

Even people are stating that The Real could face cancellation without her…

The talk show’s ratings have been affected by Tamar’s departure, too. According to The Wrap, the Season 3 premiere (on September 12) brought in what the site described as a “disheartening” 22 percent decrease in viewers compared to the Season 2 premiere in 2015.

Broadcasting Cable also reported on the pretty steep ratings decline, revealing that the 22 percent decrease in ratings “showed the largest declines of any talkers that haven’t already been canceled,” suggesting that The Real could potentially be in danger of cancellation unless ratings improve.



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